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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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For the The cover corner

I think it's a song from The little mermaid. The title will be changed when I know

I just remembered the song tonight and I made the notes as I think it was. Actually The cover corner
could be changed to The parody corner because I don't intend to make exact copies of any song ever.
What are the birds doing in there??

A new LOL sequence Upside_down
If was complete a long time but I've changed the volume a bit, hope it's better now

Contains three 8-bit instruments: sine, sawtooth and triangle
About [url=]Test251_V1_1063048_WIP[/url] that contains three 8-bit instruments: sine, sawtooth and triangle

I've recorded the sequence to SoundCloud because I know everyone can't play 8-bit here.
WIP = work in progress (but it's almost complete) SoundCloud - WIP-9

It might be replaced later on and if I forget to update this post, find the new version in my list of tracks
Please visit my SoundCloud and listen to ALL my recordings!  Smile

I said ALL because one single song is maybe bad for you and next is maybe good
but you closed the page and missed my best song because the first one was bad Cheese

Anyway... I need more listeners there to see if it's worth to make more recordings Heh

Since I haven't been able to record all my best songs yet... if you have a good computer
please check the featured songs at my profile
I suppose that most of you know already that mobiles and tablets doesn't work very good here so
you will need a good computer or at least a good soundcard to be able to play some of the songs
here at the Online Sequencer. SoundCloud is a better alternative for mobiles and tablets.

[Image: avatars-000515084844-orx8zv-t200x200.jpg]
Update, it's starting to be complete. The goal is to update all "work in progress" sequences so I can
remove the WIP tag in the title. However I've often made a new WIP almost every day so far Wink

2019-03-08 - Big update of [url=]Test128_V1_778845_WIP[/url]
Started on this one today [url=]Test252_V1_1067533_WIP[/url]

128 isn't totally complete but I needed a break from that song even if I think I've succeeded. I even like 128 myself Blush