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Started on this one today Test252_V1_1067533_WIP

128 isn't totally complete but I needed a break from that song even if I think I've succeeded. I even like 128 myself Blush
The three previous posts is updated, please read again. I wonder how many who are doing that actually Upside_down
128 on SoundCloud

I'm tired of making and  updating posts again and again becuse it always get wrong. I choose color and still no color and more. This forum need to be repaired Angry

After long time trying to make a good post I failed but...... Be happy always Relief

Here it is, as I promised


128 is updated to WIP-11 tonight here at the Online Sequencer. It's because I'm not satisfied with the sound of WIP-9.
Especially at the louder part it gets "blurry" where I would like to have more treble. The lower notes of the jazz guitar
it one of the culprits but also the sawtooth. I've removed the jazz guitar at the first louder part and the sound got just
a little more clear but actually the whole song would be better with some more treble, yeah almost all the songs.

test128_v1_778845_wip-9 was recorded in Audacity and the volume was 100 % and even if I have a better soundcard the
sound isn't as clear on the MP3. I'm using the latest LAME encoder I thought was good but I don't know anymore Nervous
However, I do not have the latest version of Audacity, it's version 2.1.2 because I think that from 2.1.3 to the latest version
today is not very good. Annoying bugs, almost the same GUI but they have changed stuff in the menues that is hard for
me to get used to. That's why I want to keep version 2.1.2.
Just for fun......
I've made a mistake. I wanted to keep the old version of 128 so the link to that sequence is same as the recording at SoundCloud.
Then later I updated the current sequence anyway!!!! Huh ...Fortunately I have saved a local file. Everything will be ok Wink

Unfortunately I've saved all updates to a local file EXCEPT WIP-9...... so I will have to make a new recording to SoundCloud Nervous
The failed sequence 1 year ago thanks to the electric guitar replacement and there isn't many plays at SoundCloud anyway Sad
The old one: ??

The new updated version 2 - with jazz guitar instead:

Here at the Online Secuencer (it always sounds better here for some reason)

Ok, a thumbnail if you want it that way Cheese  
Something I want to improve....

Part from Test 242_WIP

The question is if I should move it to 252. I've asked you in the chat but it really sucks.
You should learn talking about music in a nice way because that's the topic here Heh

Anyway.... I wanted to copy the new part to 242 but the new part is 120 BPM while 242 is 110.............

Maybe I should try 116 BPM Wink
Updated and recorded today

SoundCloud - test251_v1_1063048_wip-9

However the sawtooth sounds a little wrong at least at one place so there will probably be another update later on.

I will add more later  ZZzzZ

I've added more and I will add even more later on Smile