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Test 253 is finally recorded to SoundCloud (WIP-9)

However, it could be better and longer. One day who knows... Wink
A music manager contacted me for some days ago, he wanted me to sign a contract. But I said no thank you.
Because I'm not ready for such things. This just is a hobby and if I earn extra money I might lose my sick pension.
That's how it is. Of course I wish to be wealthy and have a good health... if only I could get both at the same time.
My version of Povel Ramel's - Kristin and Jolin
Added softer start on 253 last night. It's maybe not ready yet for a new recording to SoundCloud.

Test 253 WIP-10 now at SoundCloud

SoundCloud - test253_v1_1071415_wip-10
Updated Koto fun
[url=]Koto fun_1068972_WIP - update[/url]

Added more stuff on [url=]Test254_V1_1074502_WIP[/url]
[url=]LOL 15 1075386 - Again a ball[/url] Heh