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[url=]A rainy day - For the April contest 2019[/url]
I think I've heard similar long ago but where? [url=]Test267_V1_1106511[/url]
[url=]Test267_V1_1106511[/url] is updated just a little. I hope you think the beginning is better now.
Trying to make a happy song...  Crying

By the way... I attended to the 2019 May Monthly Contest 2019-05-04 with 267 and 268.



Almost done. However I need to adjust and remove some double notes that sounds a little weird

...and I will try to improve the percussion later on Blush
I've updated Test 270 (see previous post). I've removed a lot of sine and triangle notes and added something else
to make it more clear. Hey it was a mess even more before actually. Also the problem with too much 8-bit, a random
electric sound that I don't want, especially not in recordings. So there's limits even for a new fast computer.
Add your voice on a sequence? (MP3 recording)

If you have a computer and some experience, it is quite simple.
You may also need headphones and a mobile.

Good luck! I might make a recording myself one day
but first I would like to know if you like the idea.