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Add your voice on a sequence? (MP3 recording)

If you have a computer and some experience, it is quite simple.
You may also need headphones and a mobile.

Good luck! I might make a recording myself one day
but first I would like to know if you like the idea.

A little country style
I'll maybe try to sing to it one day, with previous post in mind. Wink
Need to find another way to earn your trust
I'll eat peanuts, yes!
They are salty but I've got a soda stream Wink
Probably my last song at SoundCloud, new recording of New version, read my comment there...

It's OK I will have time to make more songs Wink
273 was a mess in the beginning but it is getting better Wink

Test273_V1_1134752_WIP is added to Featured

The sequence reminds me of different songs but each note is from myself, this is not a cover or parody in any way.
Test212_V1_994154_WIP is updated.

I've added 8-bit and percussion, trying to fix the poor song Upside_down
I've changed the cover corner (and later the parody corner) to Inspired by famous songs because I do not intend to make perfect covers ever.

Inspired by famous songs