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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I've added an ending. Don't know if the song should be faster.

Updated today... I'm still not sure about the flute and some 8-bit
[url=]Inspired_13_1150744_WIP[/url] is added to Inspired by famous songs
It may seem that I ignore other songs, yes even in the latest competitions but since I am busy often and do not participate in the staff,
I see no reason ... I hope there will be a change later because I am very serious about the music and I have learned to be positive and
helpful. Vote for an old slow man. I'll be there, sometimes... Heh
Inspired 13 is updated. It's maybe too loud?
Anyways... I've added some more notes. Please find the original?


The song I'm thinking about is starting at measure 15
I'm working on my own version of Samsung Galaxy's smart alarm "Angel's Feather"

OMG... sometimes i wonder how could i put a note so terrible wrong???
...Anyway....... Angel's Feather is now WIP-6 and i plan to add a faster version after the current song... Oops
First a soft "wake up song" and if you don't wake up.... well yeah.... Upside_down

[url=][Image: preview.php?id=1154957][/url]
Done... as promised, wake up now really! - added at the end of this "alarm"  Oops
My story behind the song Angel's Feather

Samsung Galaxy S5 Smart Alarm tone (even on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4)

I use to wake up to a different song first (usally) but if I don't, Angel's Feather will start.
And I love it so...

My version is now complete, however I might want to correct a few notes one day.

[url=]Angel's Feather Inspired of, 1 Fin[/url]

Or... if you prefer a thumbnail