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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I updated Inspired by famous songs yesterday.
The link above doesn't always work well, you might need to scroll down the page.
I've changed titles, some songs isn't WIP anymore and I've updated 5 songs.

The updated songs:

2018-10-15 - Updated 2019-08-26
Sofia dansar GoGo by Stefan Rüdén

2018-10-05 - Updated 2019-08-25

2018-10-03 - Updated 2019-08-25
Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver

2018-10-03 - Updated 2019-08-25
Annie's Song by John Denver

2018-10-02 - Updated 2019-08-25

I don't listen to the originals first, I mean the titles I know. It's more fun to go by what I remember.
I think that Annie's Song is best of the updates so far but I really don't like the ending. Let's see later.

My girlfriend listned to the Parody updates just a while ago and she recognized Parody 06...

2018-10-15 - Updated 2019-08-26
❓ Old Swedish song?

Yeah it's a Swedish song! Now I can update it later one day...

It's Sofia dansar GoGo by Stefan Rüdén Smile
Test or Parody? Huh

At this time early creation. However.... - it sounds like another parody??? Huh

Test298_V1_1212818_WIP is updated.

It sounds like something I've heard before, at least partly.
Please tell if you recognize it.
A little e-guitar noise Blush

Trying electric guitar together with 8-bit sawtooth and square

Added 808 drums to 299. It will maybe start to loud for some, I will add a softer start in the future Angel


I have have added a fun animation at my Discord. Unfortunately we can not view pictures directly here anymore.
It is obviously to save power to the forum and our beloved sequencer Wink

A safe link here: (I think) ⬇️
Maybe it should be Parody instead? Huh Test300_V1_1215025_WIP