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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I think that Annie's Song is best of the updates so far but I really don't like the ending. Let's see later.

My girlfriend listned to the Parody updates just a while ago and she recognized Parody 06...

2018-10-15 - Updated 2019-08-26
❓ Old Swedish song?

Yeah it's a Swedish song! Now I can update it later one day...

It's Sofia dansar GoGo by Stefan Rüdén Smile
Test or Parody? Huh

At this time early creation. However.... - it sounds like another parody??? Huh

[url=]Test298_V1_1212818_WIP[/url] is updated.

It sounds like something I've heard before, at least partly.
Please tell if you recognize it.
A little e-guitar noise Blush

Trying electric guitar together with 8-bit sawtooth and square

Added 808 drums to 299. It will maybe start to loud for some, I will add a softer start in the future Angel


I have have added a fun animation at my Discord. Unfortunately we can not view pictures directly here anymore.
It is obviously to save power to the forum and our beloved sequencer Wink

A safe link here: (I think) ⬇️
Maybe it should be Parody instead? Huh [url=]Test300_V1_1215025_WIP[/url]


Strange song... jazz? I don't know the style Huh
Yesterday someone said that some notes is wrong. I've tried to correct it but which notes did he mean???
This is currently a early WIP (WORK IN PROGRESS).

Oops! I pasted a bunch of notes a little wrong but I thought it sounded good that way Upside_down