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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Unpublished song from 2019-08-20. Another test to the list Wink
Finished. I'll maybe make another version one day.

Funny update Upside_down
Why so hard to remember the title of many old songs Huh
This is what I remember anyways...

Almost nothing will last forever...

After the latest update of Windows 10, a major update that took a long time to install, I discovered that I can
no longer record my songs with Audacity. I'm pretty frustrated with this but I hope it will be fixed soon...  Nervous

Added the next day:

When I try to record audio on the computer, I can only hear small interruptions on the right channel. If it wasn't because
of the update after all, what's the reason? I remember I connected an HDMI cable from the video card to my TV to show
the computer on it and the cable is still connected. HDMI also supports audio and who knows what happened when I
connected the cable. I'll remove it later to see if it helps. But why interruptions on the right channel only?

SOLVED 2019-09-09
So... now I cannot record my songs... and the free  space at SoundCloud is full... Horror! Bigeyes

If I can record my songs again in the future I'm thinking about my empty Youtube account.
What if they sue me if they recognize a song? Someone said they will just delete the song and
send a warning, or they will cancel my youtube account Huh

I thought I could draw funny pics to show on the videos. No I'm far from as good as Lucent for example...
But I could take weird pictures with my mobile and make slideshows... Cheese

Just thoughs... I'm just worried because I cannot record streaming audio anymore Tear

SOLVED 2019-09-09
It would be great if we could download MP3 of our songs right here on this site but I guess it would be too much for the server.
Therefore, recording streaming audio is the best choice, if you can....... Heh

Or do you know a site that can make MP3 in 320 kbps, 48000 Hz? Smile
Should I add percussion?? Blush