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Should it be Parody 19 or Test 308?? Huh

Also I'm not sure about the "Parody" titles. Maybe I should make two posts called
Inspired instead, one for members songs and one for known songs...
It seems like I've made big mistakes with my thread, links and titles on my songs. It's so many that I'm getting confused now... Nervous
I have no time for this, I want to make songs Cheese

EDIT: (my other self) Stop it, you like this too.

Yeah... ZZzzZ

This one is a little loud with beta drums and the electric drum kit almost to max volume.
I tried to make a Hip Hop song for the contest but I guess I failed...

Even though I listened to this video first... Oops
[url=]Test308_V1_1227671_WIP[/url] - 2019 September contest contribution - Probably a Hip Hop failure

[url=]Test309_V1_1228591_WIP[/url] - 2019 September contest contribution - Probably another Hip Hop failure

Latest news

The update of [url=]308[/url] and [url=]309[/url] is ready for the September competition. I know it's not Hip Hop but it's the best thing I can do for now.

I've been thinking about starting to record songs again but after the latest update it seems I don't need to set the volume to 100% anymore.
So I have to test and find out the best settings first but at the same time I am very busy with other things. My SoundCloud has been full
pretty long but but I will maybe remove some of the oldest songs that don't have many likes and plays

For example, I am going to change the title of all the Parody songs and update the links here on the forum and it will take time.
I'm thinking of making two different Inspired lists, one for old known songs and one for songs here at the Online Sequencer.

Hey I've been using Google Translate for this, hard work to correct stuff, I give up now Wink
Deleted songs at my SoundCloud

Now it's 80 minutes left. But the lack of plays there is scaring me off. What's the use? Huh

8 months ago

Test214_V1_997284_WIP-5 - 4 plays

1 year ago

Song38_V1_722952_WIP-2 - 3 plays

Song34_V1_705418_WIP-2  - 1 play

Song35_V1_705983_WIP-2 - 4 plays

Song36_V1_708119 - 2 plays

Test05_V1_387395 - 3 plays

Song33_V1_702528_WIP - 4 plays

Song31_V1_677049 - 7 plays

Test92_V1_699679 - 3 plays

Test86_V1_692870 - 9 plays

Test81_V1_668238 - 7 plays

Test77_V1_660204  - 1 play

Test68_V2_639816 - 6 plays

Test44_V3_516080 - 8 plays

Test21_V1_452558 - 7 plays

Test30_V1_494418 - 2 plays

Test33_V3_504170 - 3 plays

Test33_V2_497776 - 2 plays

Test23_V1_458713 - 4 plays

Test12_V3_470463 - 5 plays

Song01_V2_538296 - 5 plays

2 years ago

Song12_V2_518564 - 9 plays

Test50_V2_556861 - 5 plays

Song28_V1_The_Phantom_564820 - 10 plays

Test64_V1_570092 - 5 plays

Test59_V2_566967 - 4 plays

Test53_V2_560996 - 9 plays

Test66_V1_597258 - 7 plays

Song20_V2_519916 - 5 plays

Song09_V2_518152 - 4 plays

Test60_V1_567287 - 9 plays

Test58_V3_566243 - 2 plays

Test49_V1_547212 - 5 plays

The Space Now V1_524018 - 1 like, 6 plays

Song03_V2_517671 - 9 plays

Song27_V3_470463 - 4 plays

One of these days_V2_412101 - 4 plays

Test25_V1_465170 - 2 plays

Test15_V1_429317 - 3 plays

Song29_V2_435622 - 5 plays

Story02_V2_529353 - 2 plays
I'm going to record the best of my latest songs so people can listen to them on mobiles and similar.
However, due to the lack of plays at SoundCloud in 2 years I'm not exactly in a hurry.

I have the tools now, I know what to do but I'm just tired of everything. At the same time I'm
looking forward to a change for the better. I will never give up, I just need a break sometimes.

I don't have many friends because I'm ill and the few friends I have isn't interested in my music.
Nobody here in Sweden seems to be interested in how it's going for me. But the music is my
savior and it means very much to me. Netflix and the Online Sequencer is helping me to forget
my tinnitus once in a while. But I should start exercising and take a walk on a regular basis,
I try to convince myself of how important it is.... Wish me good luck with that  Wink

I started on this one yesterday. It's only a long intro so far. It reminds me about a test song I made long ago.
Added new part to 310... It's maybe not what you are expecting. But the song will be long so... (it's the plan anyway)

310 is a song I made long ago but I cannot find the sequence and I don't know how it was really.

So I have to improvise... I can't stop... addicted Upside_down