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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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[url=]310[/url] is almost done. I miss you guys here in this thread. Tell me what is bad or what is good.

You could help me to be better. Just please don't destroy this thread. Be polite and serious, the music is very important to me.
[url=]310[/url] is maybe a little weird, seems to be different songs in one.. I hope you like it anyway.

I could use some part to another song maybe Upside_down
I've copied 2 parts from [url=]Test 310 V1[/url] to proceed with...

The first 16 measures is from 310 on each.

Change on the first post in this thread:

I'm not a professional, this is just a hobby. I have a sick pension, that's why I have more time for this.
I am self-taught, I do not know musical details. Can only play a few simple chords on the guitar, so I'm
happy and excited for this fantastic opportunity.

I want to make new songs but it's hard nowadays so please tell if you recognize something and provide info about the original. I'm trying to make
different songs and different styles so if you think it sounds bad just try next. The "best" (according to myself) will be colored. My Sequences isĀ 
currently unfinished PROJECTS and it's hard to find a good and suitable title to all the songs. That's why I put Song or Test + version + sequence
number. WIP means work in progress and when the song is complete I will add Fin (finished).

I'm not very good in English and it's difficult for me to learn new things and remember. Sometimes I need a translator.
By the way ... I'm 56 years old on October 21st. Give me a cake ... I'm tired of making one myself ZZzzZ
The cake should have vanilla cream in the bottom, the next layer should have strawberry jam and then a lot of whipped cream
on the cake, add candy sprinkles or place tangerines on top. The whipped cream should have some sugar but not too much.
Learn and test so that the cake will be OK until October 21st Cheese
Two new songs uploaded to SoundCloud


I discorvered a weird error with the flute on [url=]Test311_V1_1236948_WIP[/url] this morning.
At first I thought I must have misplaced the notes on the last update but I use to listen carefully a few times before I save a sequence.

Short flute notes are currently long.

I loaded the old local file and the flute sounded weird there too.
If the error isn't fixed later today I will try with to remove the flute and start over.

I was about to record the updated version and replace the old version at my SoundCloud.
Now I have to wait until the error is fixed.

Here's how the flute should be: test311_v1_1236948_wip-4
(This link will be removed when the error is gone).