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Because the flute were bad today for some reason I've made version 2 of 311, 8-bit instead of flute....


SoundCloud - test311_v2_1241028_wip-7


[url=]Test48_V2_1242088_WIP[/url] / SoundCloud

I uploaded Test 48 V2 to SoundCloud today and listened to the uploaded song, it is not the same clear
sound as the MP3 file I just recorded. The MP3 is at 320 kbps, 48 kHz.

I could use a treble plugin in Audacity but if I do, the MP3 will probably have too much treble. By the way,
I can maybe save 2 files with the same song and add "treble boosted" to the title of the SoundCloud version.
I've done it once before with a song but it's a bit tricky from one song to another because I haven't found a
good default setting for the treble plugin among other things. I suspect that SoundCloud scales down the
audio quality same as Youtube? I also have a WAV file but it is too large to upload.
For WAV files I use "32-bit float" for best quality. Such files is big. No problem for me to store (yet) but sometimes I wonder if it's really necessary.
[url=]Test315_V1_1244956_WIP[/url] - (work in progress)
My first contribution to the 2019 October Monthly Contest
[url=]Test316_V1_1246665_WIP[/url] - (work in progress)
My second contribution to the 2019 October Monthly Contest

The key guide (C Major) disappeared after I added 808 drums.

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What happened at the top Upside_down
Familiar? Huh 1248504_WIP
I'm still updating 317 and discovered a better flute! So I added (currently) some flute notes later in the song.
This song is going to be extended later on. It's just a little fun I'm having... Hope you have fun too Smile