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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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I'm still updating 317 and discovered a better flute! So I added (currently) some flute notes later in the song.
This song is going to be extended later on. It's just a little fun I'm having... Hope you have fun too Smile


"Jag ska måla hela världen lilla mamma"

I was inspired of an old Swedish song from 1952  Smile

The acoustic guitar, grand piano and some bass notes are made by me. I only listened
to the beginning of the original song, then I added the music myself as I remember it.
Inspired_20_1249566_WIP is updated. I moved the acoustic guitar and changed the same chords to grand piano at the end.

Fun! This place is really great Wink
Added comment to Test315_V1_1244956_WIP - my  first contribution to the 2019 October Monthly Contest

If you increase the volume of one instrument another instrument will drown and you need to increase the volume on it too and soon you will experience real horror! ?
Well I thought it was funny Upside_down
I've recorded 319 with a bit higher volume than before, still the main volume is lower than on the other recordings... Oops

SoundCloud - Test319_V1_1252339_WIP-8