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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Update: [url=]Test324_V1_1261603[/url]

It's almost complete now Cheese

The subject is trumpet but the song became different and the trumpets maybe drowned? Blush
It's a little hard to get response and help and I'm often totally alone about to make settings and place the notes correct...
Maybe that is good and bad at the same time. But sometimes I miss your support...

The best choice is to send me a private message here or at my Discord to keep this thread clean from spam and more Bigeyes
I'm updating [url=]Test323_V1_1260335[/url] this morning.
I don't know if it's really my song (that's why it's just a Test song) but I made it all by myself.
It's quite good if you like the style, one of my best (calmer) songs so far.
[url=]Test323_V1[/url] and [url=]Test322_V1[/url] is updated now.

Need a breakĀ  ZZzzZ
It's nice weather today but cold. There was ice on the window early this morning.
I'll go to the store and later I need to wash.
Oh no I forgot I'm uploading a backup at Mega. so I must wait...

I'll take my computer to the computer store one day soon because of a sound issue and because
I cannot use the microphone to make funny voice recordings to my songs. At the same time I want
to upgrade my computer with a extra SDD drive. I need a better graphic card but it will be too
expensive right now, I plan to buy a Geforce RTX card later on.
I don't know how to survive being without computer maybe many weeks, but I've installed Chromecast on my tv so I can watch Netflix and Viaplay.
Netflix and Viaplay doesn't come with the Chromecast but it makes it possible to stream the movies via WIFI. Actually I wanted Apple TV instead but
there's problem with a model that is currently available in Sweden.
And... Chromecast is cheaper (you need a mobile phone as a remote though)
I've read somewhere that newer TVs can control Chromecast so you don't need a mobile phone but my TV is from 2008 Disappointed