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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Actually the previous text should be here: Beta instruments  Cheese

Retro fun? Angel
[url=]Test352_V1_1333030 + 808 drums[/url]  Angel
Isn't it frustrating when you remember a song very well and still doesn't know which song??
I've made small changes on 352 both the original and the version with 808 drums. I have to say I like the original better.
The 808 drums doesn't really fit with such songs so it was a mistake and that's why I kept the old version.
Hope you like it.

I'll continue with the song later today, going to a birthday party soon.
Forgot to post about it...

[url=]Test353_V1_1334692_WIP[/url] (wip-3 at this time)

This song is made with a little humor, it's not a calm song but something in between Upside_down
Help me find the original...
Trying to make a calm song

Not as calm...