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Please make comments to this sequence, do you recognize it?
Ha ha ha! Oops!

My son Stefan helped me like an angel Smile

I've been wonder about this song for so long...
Now changed title: Inspired_11_An American Tail_1060996

An American Tail (1986) - Somewhere Out There

Ha ha!!! Hear the difference!  Cheese

[url=]Test357_V1_1338454_jazz guitar + perc only[/url]

I was probably inspired by several songs at the same time Wink
Now there's two versions of 358 plus V2 is updated with 808 drums at

V1 - [url=]Test358_V1_1338978[/url] - Jazz guitar + percussion only

V2 - [url=]Test358_V2_1339353[/url] - A little more Angel


What's more interesting at
The beta instruments is implemented with volume settings and effects in the drop down meny among
other things. It means if the Online Sequencer is down you can still have some fun and you can make
settings at that currently is missing here.
You can import and export local files to continue on here, after all this is our home and the only place
so far where you can save your songs online.

Remember that if you save a local file at and drag it to a new sequence here at the
Online Sequencer all the settings with follow but if you just copy the notes the settings will be gone.
Also you can't drag a local file on a old sequence because it will have a new sequence number.
That's something I discovered today, that's why there's three sequences of 358 now.
I've corrected the end on all 358 sequences... Hey I'm not pro, there might be more to do Wink
Maybe 358 is not a good example when talking about but 358 is the sequence
where I learned to use both sites whether the Online Sequencer is down or not.

I chose a not too loud example because it does not have to be very loud. The beta instruments can
also be used as effects where the volume settings will be useful even more.

© Google translate + my half brain
Thinking about my last post...

I think it's time for some changes. Frank seems to know the way, why do they not cooperate?

In order to always keep this site online, could be a mirror site and you will never notice if the main site is down ever again.
[url=]Test359_V1_1340142_WIP[/url] is now recorded and uploaded to SoundCloud.

soundcloud - test359_v1_1340142_wip-6

However the sound isn't very clear maybe thanks to the low bass notes so I'm testing treble +6dB and Bass -2,2 dB in Audacity.
soundcloud - test359_v1_1340142_wip-6_treble6db