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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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soundcloud - test361_v1_1342100_wip-6

If you do not recognize this...  Bigeyes
Gyllene Tider - När Vi Två Blir En (Not a cover)
Idk where this belongs
Ok no respond so it will be another test then...

Since nobody seems to recognize it... There's a limited free account at SoundCloud to I have to think twice.
SoundCloud - inspired_26_1343850_wip-6c

Please listen to my other songs, I hope you like at least some of my compositions.

A little classical plus some Russian music maybe, idk.
I've added electric guitar mixed with 8-bit Square, muted electric guitar and percussion.
I wonder if the song is worth to improve and extend.
I get many more plays as soon as I send a sequence on FB Messenger. What happens to our stuff on Facebook? Oops