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Full Version: Mystic Collection
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Is it worth to make a recording? Masked
Strange mix  Heh

Another strange mix Angel


SoundCloud - WIP-4
Swedish old humor not possible to translate properly (Hasse & Tage)

"Det kom en örn som hackade mig i örat. Han kanske trodde det var örngott".

Google translate:
"There came an eagle that stabbed me in the ear. He may have thought it was a pillow case."

I'll try to explain........

"Örngott" is a pillow case

Örn = eagle

Gott = candy

My band... i mean his band... don't tell me to play on a guitar Cheese
Old favourites

Spice Girls - Wannabe
Again a strange mix Huh


Some notes is maybe wrong. For some reason I'm not interested in to find them ZZzzZ

It's about shorter flute notes, sounds like a scratched vinyl record.
The percussion hides it, otherwise I would never have added it. When I got my new computer last year
it sounded much better but after many updates of the sound card it got worse. Even 8-bit got worse,
where I think the flute belongs even if the notes are not as long.
Hey 373 got better after I changed from 80 to 116 BPM  Huh

I hope the recording is good enough

SoundCloud - Test373_V1_1363840_WIP-5