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Full Version: Forum Game - Conquer [STARTED][American States]!
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This is an old forum game back from Jacob_'s previous site, Buildism [2009] I remember it was really fun to play with lots of people.

So pretty much right now we've not started yet but feel free to choose any state as your starting point, then the point of the game is to try make allies or enemies and every turn you can expand your towards any direction EX: [Texas (VoidZee) -> Oklahoma ] 

I will do my best to draw these expansions as good as possible, every move you expand will conquer 1/5th of that specific state.

Here's the map, I will update this map every now and then. 
EDIT: I will choose a random color for you once you've set your state to keep better track of who's who & where.

How the game works:

Every turn lasts 24 hours. Starting and ending 8 PM (20:00)- GMT+0 (England's Timezone)

You can request moves for your next turn in advance but if there should be complications your turn wont register.

Every TURN, you can expand towards another state from any of the state/states that you own, If I own Texas, at my turn I can say:
Texas Expand -> Oklahoma and this will give me +1 Expansions points.

- More to expansions points later -

The more land you own the more power you have, hence giving you more attack power.

So how do you attack other states?

If your state is next to someone elses you can both expand AND attack at the same time.

Texas Attack -> New Mexico, Texas Expand -> Oklahoma.

Expansion Points:

I will keep track of how much land each one of you owns, these result in expansion points and the more you have the more Expansion and Attack points you get, meaning you can eventually expand 2/5ths of a state and attack 2/5ths.

At 8 expansions points you may start expanding 2/5ths of a state.

This means 2/5ths are 2 expansion points.

At 32 expansion points you can take 3/5ths of a state.

3/5ths are of course 3 expansion points.

Alliances will boost rates at 25%, so this means every 4 turns you've expanded and you have an ally, you'll get 1 extra expansion point. Remember, betrayal is allowed.

1 expansion point = 10 scorepoints.

Attack points:

These work upon the scorepoints.
Say you have 100 scorepoints, you can attack 1/5th of a state.
1000 scorepoints, 2/5ths of a state.
3000 scorepoints, 3/5ths of a state.
Just so the game gets an end at some point without expansion becoming a major issue,
8000 scorepoints 4/5ths of a state
16000 scorepoints you can conquer an entire other persons state. 

Sounds dumb but the game has to end at some point SO consider your moves carefully.

Every 1/5ths of a state you take, you get 50 score.

So if you take an entire state that's 250 score.

Scorepoints is a global variable.

If you own more than one state, you can move each turn 1 time from from up to 2 states of your choice.
Ex: If I own Texas and Oklahoma I can expand once from Texas and once from Oklahoma on the same turn. If I own Louisiana too, I cannot expand from that if I've already declared my moves from Texas and Oklahoma.

NEW RULE: If on your 3rd move you're trying to expand into a state which is blank/empty, you technically own 50% more of that state, so you'll be granted rulership over that state. 

Being able to team with up to 3 players now allowed.

[Image: lZFeiPy.png]

Good luck to everyone!

Remember! Turns end every day at 8PM (20:00) GMT+0 England's time


VoidZee - Texas

Jonah - California

asdf - Oregon

blobertthebob - Illinois

Guest - Arizona

Benjobanjo7 - North Carolina

mysticswe - Montana

Flonk - Maine

Gustav - Colorado

Morgan - Pennsylvania

Alliance List:

Jonah - Morgan - blobert

Mystic - asdf

VoidZee - Gustav - Benjo
i'll take Oregon
Bitch where's Hawaii and Alaska
California, duhhhh
Montana  Huh
(07-18-2017, 02:31 PM)Net Neutrality Wrote: [ -> ]Bitch where's Hawaii and Alaska

Not possible to expand from those so I removed.
I will calmly request North Carolina
Arizona, please.
(07-19-2017, 03:29 PM)Benjobanjo7 Wrote: [ -> ]I will calmly request North Carolina

damn it i want nc
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