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Full Version: Percussion Challenge
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I just made an 1 measure beat which contains all percussion instruments:

The challenge: Top what I did. I honestly don't care too much about my ego here so I'll be honest.

Good Luck!  Cool
Does it have to be one measure?
(07-28-2017, 10:11 AM)asdf :/ Wrote: [ -> ] welp here's my entry

You forgot Maracas and Crash Cymbal.  :D
(07-28-2017, 09:31 AM)Azrael Wrote: [ -> ]Does it have to be one measure?

It doesn't matter, but keep in mind your feat sounds more impressive if it's one measure, so don't extend for the sake of extension.
A. Wow, this got popular for something I made in 30 minutes late at night.
B. Here are my personal rankings:
1. \ Personally I find Crimson's and Frank's to have different strengths.
2. / Crimson's is more regular while Frank's is more groovy.
3. Guest [Overloaded something, couldn't hear it fully.]
4. asdf :/ [Didn't follow the rules.]
C. To see who truly wins, vote in the comments your personal rankings.
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