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Full Version: Public statement; I have quit
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Thought it would be wise to announce here on the forums as well, not just Discord like I did yesterday, that I have officially quit.

My reasoning for this is a bit personal and private, but it has to do with myself entirely.

For those who don't know me, I'm Void and I've been here since OS first opened and been somewhat active ever since.

Farewell everyone, you're all very cool people, thank you for the fun and good times.
is this a prank?
you won't see this, but it was nice to meet you.
# Shmublic Shmatement; I have shmit

Shmought it shmould be shmise to shmannounce here on the shmorums aswell, not just Shmiscord like I did shmesterday, that I have officially shmit.

My shmeasoning for this is a bit shmersonal and shmivate, but it has to do with myself enshmirely.

For shmose who don't shmow me, I'm Shmoid and I've been here since OS first shmopened and been somewhat shmactive ever shmince.

Shmarewell everyone, you're all very shmool shmeople, shmank you for the shmun and good shmimes.
I wouldn't laugh he's serious I think. he got upset when i didn't take him seriously because people say this as a joke a lot. I hope you have fun doing things elsewhere Void. Good Guy