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Full Version: "Find a Cure" Game
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Here's how it works: someone comes up with a list of symptoms that are ailing them.  They can be as far-fetched as you want.  The next person has to find a cure or remedy for the symptoms and then list their own symptoms for someone else to cure.
For example:
Symptoms: muscle aches, mild warts, and hair loss.
Cure: Stand on your head for one hour while singing, "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

I'll start.

Symptoms: nosebleeds, involuntary spasms, and amnesia.
Cure: Wander around in a dark basement full of evil delusions for a month with only a lantern for light and figure out you're the real monster

Symptoms: Insomnia, Asthma, Sore eyes, a constantly itchy scalp
Cure: Stick your tongue into an electric socket after bathing in off-brand cereal and cold soymilk and dance to vaporwave while balancing a rat on your head.
Symptoms: Migraines, internal bleeding, diarrhea, and fatigue
Symptoms: nosebleeds, involuntary spasms, and amnesia.
Cure: punch your partner's nose without your consent, and then make your partner forget it happened.
Void, I actually didn't understand the game. But your comment cured my ignorance. Thank you.
what your symptoms? ignorance?

if that the case,

eat ten wheatbix spread with vegemite with marshmallows on top.
then hold your breath for exactly 56.7845 seconds (if you get it wrong you have to start again)

If you do that correctly, you will be cured!


diarrhea, sneezing, swollen fingers, teeth falling out.

someone fix this.... I want my teeth back!