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Full Version: Academic Science Writings
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Science... In Academic Science Classes we will study these sorts of subjects. Here's a free of charge lesson. Let us inspect black holes.

***** is a black hole. His radius is 0,3 AU (1 AU = distance from earth to sun) long, and his 'accretion disk' (the particles that have not yet gone into the black hole) form a disk shape with a radius of 20 AU, as huge as the largest stars. ***** himself, if you don't count all the objects that are orbiting him, weigh as much as 10 billion of our sun. The enormous gravity causes the "accretion disk' to spin 80% of the speed of light. This makes ***** a very dangerous black hole. ***** is in the center of our galaxy, and physicists have theories that our galaxy was created when star-material over 6 billion years ago started to orbit around *****. Thus, ***** is the largest black hole we know of. Without him, a large part of our galaxy would spread out when Svens gravity no longer holds it together. Thank *****, your eternal fat helps us to hold this galaxy together.
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