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Full Version: my laptop suggests such weird things to type everywhere lol hi
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hi guys i'm gay honey
i'm supposed to be sleeping right now but i feel like a real college kid by playing with online sequences when work is in five hours yay me
anyhow i thought i'd give this website a try but i honestly hadn't heard of it till about an hour ago
but i'm here, so what's up~~
hlelo wats ap lol i am colage kid i are ordering pizza rite naow and lol i are drinkking sum beer xD too X D and lol uhh shhh my brother might hear i am too much laughing myself ahah... oops again. xD

lol anyways i are liek 25 yer oleld i are owning like 88 lemborghein advendador i driving in holywood citey evertydey and i am rich many many famous i am too XD lol bros also i haves like gazillion subascribers on
my outoub chenel also check out my 3 dislikes speshul vid