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Full Version: Dear all,
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Hello everyone,

Sorry for being so sudden, the thing is that I have been having a bit of trouble dealing with my life.

I have found that I'm being a bit too attached to the community to the point where I sacrifice my irl responsibilities just to go online for just a tad bit longer. I no longer cared for my life and the things that I should do. My parents went for a talk with me on this issue and I agree that this is causing an impact on my studies and responsibilities.

To cope with this problem, I might just go on a hiatus for quite a while, or at least, become a bit less active on the site.

Thank you all for the support and the happy times that we shared. It was the happiest moments I've had in my life.

Hope you all have a joyous, successful life.

Hello Crimson. First of all I'd like to say that many regulars on the chat will respect your decision for going on a hiatus. We all have life matters that we need to attend to, and sometimes Online Sequencer can be too distracting especially for those who have grown accustomed to the site.

Take as much time as you need to catch up with all your schoolwork, family relationships, chores, jobs, and whatever other responsibilities you need to take care of. Even if one wants to talk to this friendly community forever, real life duties will always hold some higher priority and that you'll need to get to them sooner or later. I wish you good luck on those.

Frankly speaking, the website is part of the reason I'm faltering myself. I often have to put aside homework and whatnot just to stay on this site during my "awake hours." My lack of time management causes me to start all my work on the day it's due. It's a difficult habit to break out of but I'm sure you'll make it given enough motivation to.

Speaking of sleeping schedules, being sleep deprived sucks too. I suggest that instead of going on OS (even after you're done with your homework) you can probably doodle until you need to go to bed. If you really want to unplug for a bit, it's best to make use of your downtime by doing something that doesn't involve using your computer. If being "creatively active" doesn't work on some days, just think of your OCs/ships because I admit that puts me to sleep quickly.

Once again, best of luck for what's ahead. Please visit soon!