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Full Version: First person to type the word wins
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This word i'm giving you starts with c and ends with r. Guess the word.
"the word"
I win!
(11-09-2017, 06:50 AM)Phaliyah Dragneel Wrote: [ -> ]"the word"
I win!
car, Cr, color, calendar, chair, clear, clever, CER, computer, cheer, counter, corner, center, caterpillar, char, character, cider, chamber, Cancer, carter, Christopher, cover, chipper, closer, clover, copter, communicator, cor, cheerleader, cougar, cooler, carabiner, Casper, catcher, cur, copper, carpenter, coaster, charger, cylinder, chandler, chapter, cleaner, container, clatter, circular, counselor, crier, choir, crater, camper, chaser, canter, cobbler, cartographer, cauliflower, clutter, caliber, crossover, challenger, Creator, carrier, collider, cigar, centiliter, chopper, centimeter, calculator, Chester, chowder, collier, consumer, Caesar, chandelier, cypher, career, cater, cleaver, cedar, conqueror, cadaver, customer, cellar, caper, cooker, collector, conductor, charter, creamer, cashier, cheater, coriander, colander, cooper, cellular, conniver, caller, contour, Cartier, cloister,  clamber, czar, camphor, comer, critter, chancellor, creditor, CPR, captor, caregiver, converter, collar, candor, courier, caber, conquistador, checker, crusher, coroner, crafter, coordinator, cardiovascular, cower, chiller, chauffeur, carver, clacker, copier, caliper, clapper, crowbar, changer, chronometer, colour, cheeseburger, conjurer, chooser, Chaucer, chatter, caterer, crusader, carpetbagger, charmer, Centaur, crooner, chigger, commissioner, calumniator, coster, creeper, Cavalier, cracker, catheter, cutter, caster, corridor, caretaker, candour, cliffhanger, camber, crofter, councillor, crawler, conquer, cinder, connector, concur, cursor, cipher, Cheever, cluster, canister, comforter, camcorder, Cather, comber, caroler, cantor, conker, caviar, conger, constrictor, clunter, condor, chitter, commentator, concenter, carburetor, crepuscular, candlemaker, claver, conferrer, curator, coffer, Cuvier, climber, chador, corsair, choker, caroller, cheddar, collinear, cropper, capacitor, chafer, clubber, Castor, conifer, Calder, cadger, chucker, Custer, compensator, coir, connoisseur, corker, caseworker, commuter, cotter, clumber, chadar, commander, clinker, compiler, cardsharper, chirr, clobber, conner, carper, clincher, clanger, copartner, composer, controller, confuter, chewer, calorimeter, cobber, chaddar, conspirator, cribber, cleanser, colter, compeer, chanter, chiropractor, censer, chukker, croupier, cruller, calliper, catacorner, coulter, contender, cathar, crammer, cardholder, cantilever, commandeer, clabber, coddler, compressor, commenter, coupler, cabdriver, consider, colorimeter, courser, colonizer, cruiser, clipper, chamfer, calicular, caliver, counteroffer, clamor, couloir, crasher, carrefour, conservator, contriver, chuddar, chaffer, cheerer, cerebellar, crimper, conformer, constructor, canker, chanticleer, coloniser, capper, cowpuncher, calender, colporteur, contributor, collaborator, calefactor, compromiser, conjror, 
cager, clavier, choler, codger, caruncular, comptroller, complainer, cashkeeper, cutler, candlepower, caviler, CMBR, cinerator, chevalier, cinnabar, cozener, consimilar, chatterer, chronicler, comptometer, chiffonier, crapper, copywriter, changeover, covenanter, consular, clarifier, conditioner, cryometer, couturier, canaster, cooter, collimator, coadjutor, cither, courtier, conventioneer, consenter, crossbar, chanar, counterdemonstrator, chorister, centner, Cowper, clockmaker, carburettor, calligrapher, condoner, cackler, censor, coneflower, coiner, coiffeur, cowcatcher, conveyor, costermonger, calypter, choirmaster, campanular, crosier, corpuscular, contractor, causer, cameleer, carabineer, commutator, cauter, cornflower, currier, cricketer, cunctator, copyreader, capitular, clyster, costumer, chiseller, cringer, commissar, crepehanger, crapshooter, catbrier, corer, cottar, Cornhusker, CBR, Cicer, cinematographer, crupper, confectioner, cryptographer, coacher, chronopher, clowder, cerographer, cultivator, contester, cuspidor, condenser, choreographer, chequer, chequer, connecter, competitor, counsellor, cajoler, cofounder, coaxer, coagulator, costumier, churr, campaigner, curler, carnosaur, conventioner, commoner, confer, conciliator, cannoneer, coder, cullender, carbuncular, curvilinear, certifier, chronologer, cosigner, camelhair, clangour, chapiter, cornflour, curricular, congener, Connecticuter, canecutter, cottager, calycular, centerfielder, cupper, cabinetmaker, cocher, cloyer, conceiver, clinometer, comminutor, canvasser, copular, Charioteer, classifier, clothier, coulometer, coconspirator, compurgator, coplanar, cauterizer, conveyer, criticaster, combmaker, celebrator, compositor, congenator, chemoreceptor, convener, celebrater, crozier, chronographer, cuticular, calfdozer, clamour, consigner, candlesnuffer, croaker, candymaker, censurer, cudbear, clothworker, Coluber, caviller, conveyancer, catercorner, cosmographer, carouser, crossbencher, criticizer, copolymer, collocutor, carmaker, cadaster, commender, clangor, conspirer, columnar, coveter, capturer, convector, convertor, clawhammer, coauthor, concessioner, chimneysweeper, covenantor, cunner, coparcener, chirographer, cotoneaster, counterfeiter, Caryocar, counterorder, canicular, cyberwar, cremator, cupbearer, cochlear, cerebrovascular, countertenor, colcothar, confirmer, caloyer, Caspar, chiseler, cataloger, cosher, caffer, curlpaper, cottier, cannister, chromoisomer, cheeseflower, chastizer, cofactor, counterplotter, culbuter, calembour, chorographer, condylar, connaisseur, capacitator, confessor, Corregidor, collator, colloider, cooperator, carabinier, cosponsor, craniometer, cannular, cheesemonger, cultivar, Chelifer, corythosaur, cloakmaker, churchgoer, coachbuilder, cojuror, casemaker, capsular, cautioner, chasseur, consignor, crucifer, cytosmear, cupflower, clodknocker, clotbur, chalcographer, clodhopper, cotylosaur, copyholder, circuiteer, consoler, chiggerflower, carillonneur, chiromancer, coremaker, cataloguer, complexifier, cuckooflower, circumpolar, claqueur, cooccur, chapelgoer, codetalker, converser, cytophotometer, canalicular, centumvir, ceratosaur, cislunar, cytoanalyzer, classier, clitter, cesar, computershopper, catur, clitterclatter, cabber, comfier, conjoiner, conor, crawlier, chillier, and checkwriter

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Or did he actually solve it? If so, then FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!