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Full Version: Note Lengths
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Note Lengths
So, I've been thinking:
After a recent update, notes can now be easily manipulated, and more specifically, they can be stretched or squashed to change their note length.
This is an incredibly useful ability, and I give my major thanks to all of the people involved in allowing this to be possible!

I realize that the length of the notes on the Online Sequencer website will be saved even if the Sequence is uploaded as a MIDI file.
This is also a really amazing and useful implementation, and once again: I cannot thank you enough for allowing such a great ability to exist on this wonderful website!

I only have one other suggestion. And of course I am sure that you developers and fellow Online-Sequencer users have also thought about this:
Although the notes change their length in the midis and it is visible that they changed on the website,
you cannot actually hear the difference on the website.

I would suggest that you change this so that when it is played through, the longer notes play for longer amounts of time.
There are a set of voices that already do this (the 8-bit voices of course!;) and I think it would be great if the rest of the voices could have this ability!
(Of course, I also realize that even the 8-bit voices that can do this are a bit glitchy, and that I should - of course - give the developers some time to get to working around with it a bit!)

And once again: Thank you!
and I hope you all agree with me on these points!