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In light of recent events: It's alright to talk about (almost) any topic in the public chat, but being consistently negative and bringing other people down is grounds for a permanent ban. Not trying to silence anyone or prevent meaningful conversations from happening, but I want this community to be a positive, inclusive place. Feel free to discuss in this thread or elsewhere.
I second Jacob on this one, so I'll support this post since I have something to say on the behalf of myself and what I observed from the community.

There are a good handful of people on this site who have a lot of social anx*ety in real life (including myself), and that we use Online Sequencer as a community of refuge. There's really nothing wrong with saying that your only friends can be found on this site— I would have said it too if I didn't have any other internet communities to participate in.

Knowing this, I seldom would ever want to ban people for just acting in a estranged manner, since I know I'd feel bad if someone did the same to me. The regulars of Online Sequencer do deviate from the normal ethics of society, but we still act and behave much like normal people on the internet. I'd like to maintain the liberal and unprofessional atmosphere the site has, but remember there are still lines you can cross over when it comes to the freedom of what you can say or do in the chat.

If anything, I'd like to apologize personally for any sudden discrepancies in my morals of moderating, such as the unfair mutings that have been placed on certain people. Some mutings might have been completely a joke, others may have not, but in either case this is an abuse of my power and I really do want to apologize to those who have been muted without any valid reason. Know that the mods have days where we can't help it but be stressed about the current turn of events.

As the predominant figure of the Chat, I do my best to make sure everyone feels like they are in a positive mood throughout their experience on Online Sequencer. Whether it's by doing inappropriate things a moderator shouldn't probably post in public, or by consulting people about problems they face on the site, in the end I do want to establish harmony on this site so that other users can encourage themselves to participate in the lovely community as well.

We apologize for the behavior of events that have been occurring for the past two months. We hope that you, the reader, are able to move on from this point of the site and converse safely with the other members without the toxicity lurking in your daily basis. Even when something clouds over the website like this, we still believe we can change things in order to make it better. However, it will take time and effort on our part to make sure we have things to cater towards everybody on this site.

So for now, happy sequencing!
Also. This month is full of spammers so please talk like a sensible person. If you can't, go on another chatroom.