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Full Version: New Scifi Sound
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So the scifi instrument was changed....however.....I don't really like it. 
I was wondering if you could keep scifi the same, and put the new sound as a new instrument.
sounds the same to me
The administration team is already aware of the fact that yes, Scifi and every other instrument that was changed in the new update except percussion sounds like garbage.

d-c-s-m fortunately has the old soundfonts saved since he was tinkering with the site in recent days, but it's all up to Jacob if he wants to reupload those back up.

In Jacob's defense however, he forgot the instrument settings to the original Scifi on his VSTs, so there you have it.

(11-24-2016, 02:52 PM)Jacob_ Wrote: [ -> ]I didn't save the FL Studio projects I used for most of the instruments, but here are the soundfonts and VSTs I used if anyone wants to try to recreate them.

Electric Piano - Motif ES6 Concert Piano soundfont
Grand Piano - Full Grand Piano soundfont
Acoustic Guitar - Revitar2.0
Percussion - standard Windows MIDI percussion
Smooth Synth - Sytrus
Electric Guitar - Revitar2.0 + FL Hardcore
Bass - Aria Pro 2 Bass soundfont
Synth Pluck - Sytrus
Scifi - Revitar2.0 + FL Hardcore
Orchestra instruments - Sonatina Symphony Orchestra

[Image: image.png]
i dont like the changes. it makes all my songs sound trash
Yes, i dislike the changes, too, notably the scifi and electric guitar.
Is there any way to recover the old scifi sounds?
Honestly, I never liked the electric guitar, and I never have used it in any of my sequences. The change to it didn't improve or downgrade it. The new sci-fi sound is cool, but I think I like the old one better. It would be cool to keep the new one and make the old one available again
I just wish the bugs'd get fixed
i am getting problems w/ d#5 on the electric guitar, as many others are.
i just hope they can keep alternatives and fix the bug