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Full Version: New instrument ideas! [Please Read]
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Hey guys!

I just wanted to say thanks to Jacob for this awesome website again! But "today's" topic of mine will be adding new instruments.

Personally I think the finger snipping sound should be added to percussion and I would love the choir as a new "instrument".

Thats all I have to say for now. See you and have a nice day! <3

Also the flute plez!
[please read]
Having a choir "aaa" sound that works like the smooth synth would be cool.
I think it would be nice to have an ocarina, and maybe like the previous poster said some vocal sounds. The more instruments the better I think, it gives people more choice.
Ocarina would be nice for Loz music
i'd like to see a saxophone, music box, and clarinet
Add the Pipe Organ that functions like the 8-bit instruments.
Currently I'm more interested in things like treble/bass and stereo settings before anything else.
being able to EQ the intsruments we already have would probably be the most beneficial addition to the website right now.
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