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Full Version: Public Service Announcement.
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Listen up, you dumb*****s. This is an uncensored soliloquy of what I actually feel on the damn site right now.

One, stop trying to *****ing victimize yourself just because we have "power." For one thing, it'll give us more irrationality to actually use it more often.

Two, if there's something serious happening on the site, then people who are trying to behave seriously will get pissed at you if you act otherwise. This is a no brainer. If you're wondering why you're muted, make sure you understand the context of the chat log. People get EXTREMELY pissed if the conversation is not set in one place while they're trying to spread their thoughts out.

Three, stop biasing people! Just because we get mentally jacked off before doesn't mean we'll continue being angry about it.  If you constantly have the need of starting up a flame just because we "restricted your freedom of speech" once, then we're going to be under some serious bull*****tery right now.

If you believe that the moderators are acting like assholes, then of course there has to be reason behind it. If y'all keep acting so aggressive all the time, then of course we would act aggressive ourselves.

The website has gone through way too many hells already. Crimson and I are trying to recover from it, but if you guys don't understand what's happened in the past to make us like this, THEN USE YOUR COMMON SENSE AND SHUT THE ***** UP. The community is giving us a lot of trouble as it is. Stop it.