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Full Version: Void's Songs
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Baroque era, Classical era, Romantic era. I strive to compose in those genres.

I'd just like to say, I have tons of more songs but I've decided to not put them here because I don't like them.
I may find some songs again and update this list should I feel the need but these songs cover most of my work on OS.

Renaissance Works

Song for Harp, Guitar, Xylo -

Baroque & Classical Works

Baroque - Canon Duplex #1
Baroque - 4 Voice Fugue Attempt
Baroque - Harpsichord Song #2
Baroque - Harpsichord Song #1
Classical - Mozart Style #2
Classical - Mozart Style #1
Baroque - Short Prelude
Baroque - Organ Prelude #2 in D#Minor
Baroque - Organ Prelude #1 in D# Minor
Classical Concerto [WIP]
Classical Surprise Concerto [WIP]

Romantic Works

Aeolian Thrill
I can compose like this as well -
Waltz No. 1
Herz Freude Waltz
Evening Star Waltz
Dancing Waves Waltz
Not Again Waltz
Short Waltz Op #?
I don't give a boop WIP
Waltz in Heavenly Court
First Etude
Fantasia in Eb Major
Beethoven Style
Ultimate Waltz
Twitch Waltz
Some Waltz
Gloire tout-puissant
La douleur de la soirée [My first full song] 

More Modern Works

Trying to Forgive
Seeking a new Hope
Tasteful Dream
Chariot of Triumph
Gift of Life

Random Projects:

Very nice progression
Rag Testing
Muhngkee - Me and Flonk's co-op
Since Harp and Xylo were added I am now able to compose Medieval and Renaissance songs, here's my first Renaissance song:

I also managed to make a 4 voice Fugue although I don't think it counts as a 4 voice fugue because I didn't repeat the previous melodic line anywhere twice but 3 for sure.
New song:

Herz Freude Waltz