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Full Version: Note Contest/Challenge: Use all notes from C2 to B7
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This challenge can get tough, especially when switching from key to key to make it sound good!
Here's mine:

Try competing amongst yourselves to make a song in this way and post your creations in this forum.
OMG. dcsm. That would sound AMAZING orchestrated. Like, so good, that it should be in a video game.
In order to use all keys from C2 to B7 we need to use all the 12 notes. My initial plan was to utilise modal interchange (which is basically borrowing a chord from another mode in the same key) where I could for instance start in C lydian and borrow chords from C phrygian, which would give me access to all twelve notes (perhaps also make use of secondary dominants and tritone substitutions). This would certainly work, but I found this idea a bit boring. So what I did instead was use Ron Jarzombek's circles of 12 tones system. It's basically the circle of fifths but with all the notes mixed up however you want. You divide the circle in groups which lead to different scales, chords and note clusters. This gives me access to all notes and also gives the illusion of no tonal center.
Here's my circle, with groups and possible chords included:

If you want to know more about this system, I'd suggest to check out this video:

This is my first time using this system. It's pretty simple and a great way to step outside diatonic chord progressions and come up with patterns you'd never think of.
In my sequence I mainly focused on arpeggio stuff, since they can cover a lot of octaves: (it may sound like a bunch of random notes when hearing it for the first time.)

(btw, nice piece dcsm)
nice stuff dude! sounds perfect for a casino-type song

also funny you should say that Guest, cause there's a chance that parts of the song will make it into a game :p
A full song only using the notes from C2 to B7? sounds interesting.
i'm a few months late but this was inspiring