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Full Version: Elsword Party.
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As many of you know, I play a (strangely unpopular) Korean MMORPG called Elsword.

I just kinda wanted some other members of Online Sequencer play along if you guys have the time to invest into it. I feel like it might be a fun experience being able to interact with each other more immersively, such as holding dungeoning parties and maybe even a few sparring matches.

I know it has nothing to do with being able to compose on this site, hence why it's in Off Topic. If you guys are at least interested in the things I used to do a lot then I can go and bring you along, I'm starting a new account anyway since an old one got banned.

For reference I'm going to be playing in the Void server because one, North America is miserable, and two, the server is not region locked for those of you outside North America. Without further ado here's the homepage for the Void server so you can register and install the game. It's approximately 8 GB, so be wary of your computer's storage.

In order to log in your account on the startup screen, use the account username you registered on the site and not your email address.

I will be starting an [OnlineSequencer] guild at some point, but for now if you think you're interested in playing the game just post the usernames of your characters below. I'll be able to get on once I'm on winter break, otherwise I'll make another post announcing that I can't play the game therefore this thread is useless.


List of people I know who are playing already -
Xenma (Crimson)
Userneym (Void)
does any of you know how to download applications without admin password?
is this still valid?
No. :)