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Full Version: Thot Consensus?
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Here in online sequencer dot net, what is the general consensus regarding thots? Be gone or be welcome?
Perfectly describes a person I once knew that hurt me the most.
"A woman who pretends to be the type of valuable female commodity who rightfully earns male commitment—until the man discovers that she’s just a cheap imitation of a “good girl” who is good only for mindless sex, not relationships or respect."

"They demand respect, money, gifts, dates but do nothing to deserve any of it because they have no self-respect, no manners, low self esteem, little education and on top of all that are slutty because they have no self worth."


[Image: latest?cb=20121206184402]

[Image: 1qh3tm.jpg]
^ Well it was the first link that appeared in Google, so...

PD: lol now I get it
[Image: hunger.png?resize=600%2C628]
(I didn't know where to post this)

PD: lol
Thot be Blocked,
Unless its a thicc thot off the bloc than welcome her