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Full Version: 개, sus, and cuh
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I should've done this since August but I was too lazy.

Given Name: Stephen (Like Stephen Curry)
Ethnicity: Tai Dam, Vietnamese, Scottish, Irish and some other Caucasian blood
Time Zone: Central

  • Plays the khaen, piano, and ruler
  • Prefers morning showers
  • Likes watching Bruce Lee, wuxia, or old Hong Kong action movies
  • Sleeps with the blanket above the knees for precise real-time cooling circulation
  • Pirates stuff
  • Erases mental memory with 200 digits of pi
  • Can do one-finger-one-thumb push ups
  • Gets haunted by dreams about school
  • Passes time doing gunshu with rattan staff
  • Has trouble understanding the technologically and sociologically challenged vegan imposters/spoiled kids at school
  • Found this website after learning about black midis
  • Mostly imports midis rather than compose music
  • Does not qualify to be an aesthete due to floccinaucinihilipilificating common arts
  • Uses the words "gae" "sus" cuh"