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Dearest OS, how I love you.

I have seen people asking how to change note lengths or how to make triplets.
You can already very easily change the note lengths by dragging the right side of a note, but what if you wanted it to easily snap to a large grid?

^tl;dr Imma teach you stuff, those sentences are not needed

k so right click on the sequencer and click inspect. Or just hit f12
go to the console and type: grid=3/4 
done, triplets.  

experiment, ask questions
have fun 

Ben, you're fake.
If you can't enter anything into console, you can also edit it from Inspect.

FOR TRIPLET QUARTER NOTES (12 beats per measure)

Right click on the Grid drop-down menu then click Inspect.
Click on the arrow next to `<select id: "grid_select">`
A bunch of `<option value=>`s pop up. Choose one you probably won't be using often (for example, 1/2).
Change the "0.5" to "0.75" and the "1/2" to "3/4"
(Note: Changing "1/2" to "3/4" is merely cosmetic, changing this alone will only change how it is labeled.)

FOR TRIPLET HALF NOTES (6 beats per measure)

Follow the above steps, but set the decimal value to ".375".

For any other triplet value, keep doubling or halving "0.75".

Hope this helped anyone who said the original post wasn't helpful.
this is literally in the news section on the forum
@dcsm sorry, didn't see it there
My bad, I only saw this and had to figure it out for myself...