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Full Version: User Reposting Permissions List
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This is a list of members on Online Sequencer who allow these certain permissions for reposting (or remixing) their sequences. This is made in response to some people complaining about other people stealing their sequences and so forth. And an excuse for moderators to actually do things on the site.

Keep in mind that this will not guarantee that inspired links won't be made by people who don't read this thread. However, when requested, we can delete a sequence for you. If sequence infringement is deliberate by a certain member, we will hand out warnings accordingly.

For now, you can notify the admins through PMs/Chat/Discord, or you can post below on what permissions you allow for your sequences. We hope this thread will be beneficial towards the community!

Reposting Permissions
Reposting is completely acceptable.
Reposting is acceptable, but please notify me when you do.
Reposting can be acceptable, but please notify me first before saving a copy.
Reposting is NOT acceptable.

Remixing Permissions
Remixing is completely acceptable. (✓)
Remixing is acceptable, but please notify me when you do. (OK)
Remixing can be acceptable, but please ask me permission first. (ASK)
Remixing is NOT acceptable. (✗)

List of Members:
LucentTear (ASK)
Void (✓)
seadawg (✓)
Flonk (✓)
Guest (✓) Note: Reposting acceptable unless it exceeds view count of the original.
Muhngkee (✓)
Tests (✓)

XStep (✓)
IRLBlackBeard (ASK)
EugeneEric (✓)
Wafels (OK)
Potater (OK)
asdf :] (OK)
RuleEmpire (ASK)
Thrdfactor (ASK)
Trigak (✗)
Lumien ()
Decomposer ()
UTComposer ()

alex32124 (ASK)
Jonah (✓)
Stuffy McStuffins (OK)
Bulldog10 (OK)

Palpatrump ()

Zeodexic (✓)
Fox (OK)
Kirbyderp (ASK)
Crimson (✓)
ourlioncub (OK)
The One Person (OK)
Hunted (Composer) (OK)
Eandrew (OK)
BasilBerylium (✗)
Plz ask.when remixing my stuff ( like I have much to remix)
Adding to the list:
Kirbyderp (ASK)
Crimson (✓)
I would like to ask people to not repost or steal my stuff under a different name. This happened with one of my ruins covers a while back, it was just my Ruins cover sped up a bit and labelled as foxy's theme. Remixing using my stuff is fine, though let me know when you do, i'd like to listen xD


i also figured out how to do that just now yay.
Please add me to this list. 

Potater (OK)
Jonah (✓)
Remixing is encouraged :D
Couldn't care less, open-source everything ✓
Bulldog10 (OK)
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