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Full Version: [Forum Games] Ban the user above you!
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(02-03-2018, 08:31 PM)LucentTear Wrote: [ -> ]Banned for having at least 6 accounts ^

I think Its more like 8 at the moment
^ banned for starting a new page
Banned for using this thread WAY too much
banned for not starting a new page!
Banned for stealing the name of a broom stick from J. K Rowling
Banned for making a reference to J. K Rowling.
Banned for severe offensive activity that has been going on for the few past months. Many users have reported you for your distasteful behavior, with acts such as: Vile language, spamming on the chat, and being very toxic. Messages such as "Hey guys, whats up?" have been seen through the chat logs. The spamming was at a shocking rate of one message per minute, a new record for the chat log. You've flooded the chat logs, for you have filled about exactly one page. Your toxicity is very potent, as you have said cruel things such as "You guys are great!" Such language is banned and prohibited with every means of every way. In addition, the most offensive thing I have found is your homosexuality. Such things are not allowed on a site such as this, and should be apprehended immediately. These crimes will be punished with a permanent ban that will last permanently in a permanent fashion. Do not expect to come back, as we are also setting up an IP Ban for you. I hope you never come here again and show your putrid face. Being homosexual is a major offense to everyone who uses your site, and it is now being taken care of. We will not miss you.
banned for posting a super long paragraph. nobody wants to read that yeeeesh
Banned for - insulting my perfectionate perfection of a perfect paragraph, you persistently partake in the perishing of my perfection, you are powerless in potential powers as I pass you in partaking in perfect perfection, how dare you dissent yourself to delightfully depart in destroying my daunting device of devastation, you will pay for your pernicious attempts at abolishing my amazing articulate deviation of work that is wonderful beyond basic words, wait until under my malice I maul and mutilate you into nothing.

lol sorry
Banned for excessive usage of words starting with a "p".