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Full Version: [Forum Games] Ban the user above you!
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LucentTear banned for shameless advertising in their signiture.
(01-22-2018, 05:17 AM)Kirbyderp Wrote: [ -> ]LucentTear banned for shameless advertising in their signiture.

Banned for banning LucentTear. Shame on you.
Banned for somehow showing that you are offline while I write this, even though you posted less than a minute ago.
banned for not having a profile pic
alex32124 is banned for having no life
Banned for having a profile picture with a Kerbal in it idk
Banned for dissing on the greatest space simulator since moonbase alpha.
Banned for dissing on my opinion, AND for forgetting about "universe sandbox"
(though it's not a space simulator in the sense of KSP or Moonbase, but rather a simulation of crashing planets and black holes into each other but WHATEVER IT'S IN SPACE IT COUNTS AS A SPACE SIMULATOR)
(01-22-2018, 05:14 AM)LucentTear Wrote: [ -> ]One Person got banned for not making their name large enough on their pfp :c
n0ob1shp3rs0n is banned because he used emojis
Banned n0ob1sh for banning the wrong person