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Full Version: [Forum Games] Ban the user above you!
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Banned for not being an animal protection officer.
Banned for not being a sexual education officer.
banned for giving up on Lunatic Psyker
banned for having a snapchat pfp as a pfp
Banned for having blue lineart on everything but the face.
Banned for not removing that thing that says you are on vacation.
Banned for not calling that "thing" a signature
Banned for not ny'alling.
(08-09-2018, 04:11 PM)LucentTear Wrote: [ -> ][Image: avatar_1632.png?dateline=1526250446]LucentTear 20:11

[Image: avatar_1632.png?dateline=1526250446]LucentTear 20:11

[Image: avatar_1632.png?dateline=1526250446]LucentTear 20:11

[Image: avatar_1632.png?dateline=1526250446]LucentTear 20:11

Banned for doing this without an explanation. Also banned because I had to remove a candy clue because you revealed it's location before the contest. ;-;
Banned for being unoriginal and using waluigi's hat like UTC