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Full Version: [Forum Games] Ban the user above you!
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Banned for caring. Honestly who do people care about meaningless things
Banned because I care about your nonsensical complaint.
banned for saying you care
Banned because I'm a smooth criminal so beat it. Also the kid is not my son.
Banned for being a maple syrup Texan.
Banned for not mentioning the fact I have glasses. I'm a maple syrup Texan with glasses.
Banned for having glasses
Banned for being not being part of the glasses gang
(08-22-2018, 03:08 PM)Alex! Wrote: [ -> ]Banned for being not being part of the glasses gang

banned because those are sunglasses not glasses

qǝʃd noʎ
Banned for not making a witty joke like the earlier bans in this thread.