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Full Version: Chord Palettes.
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I frequently suffer from being able to being able to create music as I believe my natural "chord palette" is too rough and that it's hard to retain ambiguity between my sequences.

What I did was randomly place notes and quickly fix them according to what I thought sounded right. I'm not paying due detail to the progression whatsoever, but subsequent chords may be affected by the chord prior and that's completely okay.

I guess the point of this thread is for you all to experiment what I'm doing right now. Just place random notes at the beginning of every beat and (thoughtlessly) fix them to what you think sounds right. If you think the chord doesn't match the one before it, forget about it, since that's not the point of this activity.

Here's my sequence that I came up with. 

For reference, this is what you should do.

Place random notes: 

Fix them: 

I'm excited to see what you guys subconsciously use as chords.
Here ya go
Why not
A thing 
This is always what I've done to make music