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Full Version: Search for your most popular sequence online
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This is my idea: Search the number ID of your most popular sequence on any search engine and see what result it returns.

For example, here's my most played sequence
I'd search "236615" online and see what it returns.

The first result came as a medical journal article followed by two results for car parts. However, the results you have may be more interesting than mine.
my most popular is this sequence
i searched it and found this

Singapore postal code.
A hex code (a nice aquamarine).
Also a type of gene, huh.
My most popular sequence (thus far):
Sequence number: 201023
So my most popular sequence is 434357 (I am NOT happy that my most popular is not an original)

I got:

- a general electric SMS short code
- a color hex

and a facts about the number 434357 page and I now know i can get 434357 from multiplying 3 prime numbers together.
my most popular sequence is
Sequence number: 659046

Search results: 659046 - Georgia Tech - 247Sports:

I'm confused... do I need to do this? Why is this so confusing?
most popular is 

im a bit ashamed, it is pretty bad.

results are here

some bracket
two ABN's
a gene
a label for a control box in hobart
a colour composed of 50.6% red, 15.7% green and 32.2% blue
a MLS listing
and some sealing thing