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Full Version: Explain your avatars!
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your typical guest profile
It's literally just my username. In shiny letters. What more is there to explain?
Mine is me as an 8-bit 16x16 pixel character wearing a beanie.
I've been using the name "Firebolt" for an account name for many years now. When I created this account on Online Sequencer, I couldn't think of any other better name, so I decided to use Firebolt once again.

Then, I designed an image with paint.NET that was basically supposed to be the musical treble clef with fire behind it to fit with my name (- as my name was never supposed to be a reference to Harry Potter).

More recently, (maybe early 2017?) I decided to redesign the original avatar that I created to have a transparent background. When I did so, I also made the "fire" look more like a "bolt" of flame, with more of a point at the bottom around the bottom of the treble clef symbol.

I also sometimes replace the fire behind the treble clef with something else for special occasions (e.g. a heart for Valentines Day, a Christmas tree for the holidays, etc.)

My original avatar (created 2015):
My updated avatar (created 2017[?]):
My avatar is a Mind***** - ***** Brix meme. I chose it because I think it is funny and I know that the picture is hard to find so I wanted to keep it as a profile pic.
Mine symbolizes the general what-the-f***ness of life.
Monster Hunter 3 Blue Rathalos Set with menacing written in the upper right corner JoJo style...
I occasionally change mine to whatever tastes I have in a month but I like this one.
[Image: 26b30723791c1cd23efb827e8bbe47d3.png]
Mine is Triumph.

Why would it not be...
My avatar was just a test for the effects on Krita at first, then I added words because it looked nice, then I scribbled all over it, then I made it my logo! So yea, it's homemade :3
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