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Full Version: Explain your avatars!
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It's that simple. I want to know why you have the avatar that you have. I'll go first: My avatar is the penrose triangle. I picked it because I thought it looked cool. NEXT
it me
I made this avatar myself, its an evolution of my first logo and based off the X in my name.

Used some glitchy effects for the final result
phi is short for phiot :o
I normally have Lunatic Psyker as my avatar, but since I've been in a pretty psychotic mood I might as well draw him inflicting some bloodshed.

I'm proud of the drawing in general so I'm keeping it like that.
Originally I had Mario as my avatar, but then I got locked out of my account so I used a bowser image to mix things up.
Mine is Chopin. I used to have link from loz. I have it because void.
Failed attempt to get a gif avatar.
a person that looks cool
My cat Atropos, I like this pic bc (in my opinion) it looks like a cat Kappa.
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