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Full Version: For Aelien - A class project
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Cindered, the Rise of the Great Witch.

At the deathbed of Maleficent, as she was reaping what she had sewn, dying from the her own fruits, her daughter, Cinderia, was called over.
The witch spoketh “My Daughter, Cinderia, promise to avenge me. Take on what you soon will inherit. My spirit will possess you and then you shall receive my gifts of magic and witchery…may you be strong and rule as an dominant almighty fairy and preserve and spread our beliefs and values!…” Then she died. But Maleficent had a plan, she had already put a child into the inheritance of the crown, one that could be easily persuaded, with a weak mind that could not fight back, she put forth a young lord named Servus, whom name was changed to Charlemagne.
Soon after, a great force came upon Cinderia, Lord Baudelaire Vinsant, at the death of the witch, quickly vexed Cinderia with amnesia, to be pious and fair, and to be naive for as long as the curse lasted, as she could not be harmed because the spirit would possess a new host. But the father, knew that the spirit could help her regain her memory, and so kept her to labor to prevent her spirit from uprising. He seized her and conducted Cinderia from the forest to his manor, and put her to chores, doing all he could to prevent the inevitable. The embodiment of good and all that is pious La Maistre L'Oréal and her familiars, Maioria and Minoria, came to the father, to help restrain and contain the child.

5 years later…

Lord Vinsant was leaving to purchase grain and wine.

“I am leaving to buy food and drink,” said the father, “We have the money to buy trinkets and fancies, is there anything that you girls would find pleasing that you would like to own?”
The girls replied requesting for nothing more than commonplace supplies. But the spirit inside Cinderia, sensing her opportunity, spoke through her, “Father, on your ride, can you stop through the Woods of Yorkshire and acquire me a sapling from the center of the wood?”
The father was hesitant to say yes, suspicious of her intentions, but Cinderia spoke, “I wish to make a garden.”

And so he rode off and did as she asked of him.

Cinderia, now Cinderella laid in her room. She always took time to ease her aching body immediately after a hard day's work, before supper was prepared. But, unexpectedly, as was about to involuntarily fall into a intent somnolence, there was a hammering coming from the door.
After a few knocks swiftly the stepmother appeared, ready to answer. But of course not before looking around to see if Cinderella was nearby, as she wasn’t, Cinderella was told to stay in her room. But Cinderella, with her curiosity peaked, eavesdropped behind the corner to the conversation between the two.
“La Maistre L'oreal, Lady  l'Parc eux Juste d’Eautaghne Perdue Vinsant IV, Lady Beauregard, and Lady Preux Beaufont you three and your family has been formal deemed worthy and have been invited to attend the grand ball that Prince Charlemagne in his grand self, will host.”
And the stepmother spoke, “My apologies but one of my daughters cannot attend because of her physical and mental condition, can you disinclude her from your 1. presentation expectation?” These words broke Cinderella’s heart, setting a great loathing to her stepmother into her heart, making her magic more powerful. Then the High Messenger of the courts, in all his formal invitations, rode off.
Before she could even close the door Cinderella appeared to the stepmother. “Where did you come from, how long have you been there, I told you to stay in your room!”
Cinderella replied, “Madam, please allow me to attend the festivities, I would do anything.”
The stepmother hesitated to say yes, remembering that it could somehow help her regain her memory.
Thus she said, “No. You haven’t the clothes and the cleanliness and we haven’t the wealth. I am sorry Cinderella, please understand, for this you will not labor for the rest of the month.”

“We will return at midnight.”

But Cinderella continued to envy her stepmother’s and sisters’ attendance and a greater hate was set in her heart for the stepmother and her familiars. She had a grave vindictive towards them. She knew that she would do anything for her to go. She stole beauty supplies and a undergown from the stepmother’s wardrobe in an attempt to look presentable.

Cinderella, depressed and sullen, wanting so much to go, tried to look as good as she could, but realized her efforts were in vain. She moped over to the grave of her mother where she had planted the tree from the forest. She kneeled over the grave, sobbing quietly, the combined dark magic from the spirit of soul, the tree from the forest, and the witch’s grave came together in a trinity (of darkness). The magic made this place a sacred site to witchery. When Cinderella spoke her wants and her wishes here, they came true, so she knew of this place’s importance. She felt something, something familiar, a feeling from which she had felt long ago.

All of a sudden, two crows flew down, familiars of Maleficent. The earth seemed black, lifeless, and cold. The murder spoke a peculiar tongue, then a dress came down, a beautiful, enchanting dress. The world was full of death, she saw everything, the world was ruined, under a red sun, two children, a blackness, a creation, a resurrection and her death. She was given power, but no one knew of the spirit’s true intention; to destroy all life in Charn. She was given a caring and loving appearance, judged to be fair, but with sly intentions, seemingly innocent in truth. Later, the dress fell upon her, she was put into a trance. This was not a trick as was her deceitful voice, but an involuntary urge and must. The dress made anything truly innocent and fair, but this feeling was nearly enslaving, and even the darkest came back to it unless someone intervened. Cinderella was proud of her appearance, and rode of on one of her father’s horses to the ball. On the way, the powerful magic of the dress took over, and the Spirit was in control of Cinderella, using her as a vessel, and the Spirit was determined to brainwash the prince into doing whatever she commanded.

As Cinderella rode to the ball, the horse, through dark magic, slowly transformed into a prideful steed carrying a dominant stage coach, decorated in jewels and and gold. When she arrived, the room was dead silent, the stepmother sensed an evil presence, but as it seemed her suspicions were unfounded, she settled down and continued to chat with others. When the prince’s eyes fell upon her beauty, the magic brainwashed him, he was a slave to her beauty. He asked her to dance, and Cinderella, as she was unable to control herself, the spirit controlled her, said yes. He and the Spirit danced all night, when the stepmother came to investigate, the prince proclaimed that she is his dance partner and to stand down.

The stepmother, shortly before midnight, snuck out while the Spirit was still dancing,  the familiars followed soon after. Cinderella, trapped in the body, tried as hard as she could to alert the Spirit, but the Spirit noticed on her own. She rushed out of the door, the prince ran to catch the women from which he was put in a trance, wanting her to stay. The prince became determined to find the beautiful woman whom this show bore. The spirit left the mind of Cinderella to let her control what will happen next. She ran as fast as she could, pushing through crowds, jumping over obstacles, but she could not catch up, she took off her shoes, and the familiars gave her help in getting home. The prince set a battalion after her, but they could only recover her golden shoes, so he put a decree that he would try the shoe onto every girl in Charn until he could find his love.

She got home just before the stepmother and the familiars, broke the door down and rushed throughout the house to see if Cinderella was still there, the dress had evaporated as she was running, and by the time she was in her room, she was in the clothes that she had forever known. The stepmother, seeing Cinderella in the bed, was relieved, but still stayed to make sure she didn’t leave. There was a knock on the door, the stepmother answered.
“What do you need, sir?” The messenger read the formal decree, and the stepmother was horrified, as the prince brought forth the shoe, the woman called in the familiars, and the father guarded Cinderella’s door. The familiars quickly attempted to fit the shoe, they failed. Realizing what could happen, Maiora removed her toe in an attempt to fit into the shoe. It fit tightly, but still fooled the prince. As Maiora was about to ride off, the crows cried,

“The Woman has no heel, feel.” The prince saw his mistake and took her back

Minora tried as well, but the crows again stopped her.

As the prince asked if she had anymore daughters, the door transformed into rot and into ashes and Cinderella stepped out, her father immobilized. Cinderella presented herself, in her beautiful dress, and spoke with a deep undertone,

“I am the third daughter of my father, let it be that I possess attempt to the shoe.”

The stepmother exclaimed in lo, utter mortal sorrow, “Please, Cinderella, reconsider, you are not the dancer, you were only dreaming!” “Prince, behold, please reconsider, do not let her try on the shoe, she is a witch in her ways!”

But her attempts were for naught, for it would certainly forthcome.

The stepmother could not move, she was paralyzed.

The prince imposed slipper upon her, it fit to no imperfections, to the dismay of the stepmother.

They rode off, the stepmother devastated, having failed to stop her.

She decided that she would start a resistance, led by the father, to try to stop her before the spirit’s plan to preserve itself and its power fell into place.

Cinderella rode off, the prince, being under a spell, decided that they should marry immediately, which was quite a convenience for the future queen. The marriage was quickly planned, as she was the fairest of them all and didn’t have much trouble convincing the courts, the marriage commenced the day after. The marriage was a grand event, it took place in the grandest cathedral in all of Charn. Almost the entire kingdom attended, the first rows were lined with bishops, pastors, and priests. The next rows were lined with relatives, the wealthy, noblemen, magistrates, governors, mayors, and other people who had high standing in society. The next rows were of the upper middle class, the foreign ambassadors, and lastly lucky shop owners and merchants at the back. The peasants watched from outside.
The Wedding soon commenced, the stepmother sent the sisters into stop the wedding, but soon outside the familiars in the form of crows attacked the sisters, and their eyes, were sadly blinded. The stepmother healed her familiars, and cared for their injuries. They lastly could only wait, the spirit was becoming more and more fused with Cinderella’s soul, they could only wait for a chance to assassinate her, they regrouped and gathered more good fairies and opposition in the woods, creating a resistance movement against the darkness and to indict the Empress. The wedding continued, the bishop of the Saint Kanaen Cathedral came forth, and married them, a moment a silence and despair came from the forces of good. And the coronation, soon after, Princess Cinderella-Efi of Charn. She Changed her royal title, to prove to herself that days of oppression are over and to cement her power, the spirit declared her Cinderia-Efi Jadis of Charn, or Her Highest Maleficent Excellency, Empress Jadis of Charn. The prince soon became a slave to her mind control, and became less and less powerful, as she grew in power. He did as she asked.

In the years that followed, the spirit completely took possession of personality, the illusion of Cinderella, she became a leader completely dedicated to growing her power. She started numerous wars and conflicts. The resistance grew under the father and became a prime factor in the war. She appeared as loving and caring, but truly was a monster. The tale became a story to be passed down, from the father to the next, and the next. The people grew restless of her tyranny and revolted, and were raiding her palace. The tale became a story to be passed down, from the father to the next, and the next. But, in the final battle she spoke the deplorable word, the idea of good and evil was gone, for there was only one thing in that world, her. She preserved herself and her court for hundreds, thousands of years or more, only to be woken by a bell, where someone, a magician from another realm, will take her from Charn into a new land. This new land will be a place to begin another Empire and pass her spirit down in a new land, a land called Narnia.

In this new land her spirit was passed from her, to her rebirth as the White Witch, in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Later to the green witch, in “The Silver Chair.” As time passes, it came to possessed many others unto the final battle begun.

This was made for a class.