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Full Version: Hej everyone!
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Hej friends! My name is Scarlet and I represent the continent of Antarctica! I'm the younger sister of the Nordic family consisting of Lukas which represents Norway and that's the country that founded me, Matthias who represents Denmark and the best Nordic along with Faeroe Islands and Greenland, Berdwald which is Sweden who is the Danish enemy, Tino the adorable country of Finland who is a sniper and will shoot anything that moves and breathes at night so we replace his guns with Nerf guns so none of us get shot, and lastly we have Emil who is Iceland and his boyfriend is my nephew and roomie Leon which represents Hong Kong also Emil has a really annoying Puffin called Mr. Puffin and me along with all the other Nordics and other countries too and I just really wanna get rid of that bird! Anyways that's all for now and I hope I get to make more friends and bond by making music!