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Full Version: RuleEmpire's Sequence Review
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Everyday, when I go onto Online Sequencer, I see talented sequencers in this platform. Here is a list of the ratings I give them:

LM_Productions is no exception. Logan is very talented with crafting his sequences ranging from Heads Will Roll (Dance 'till You're Dead) to Oasis. Heck, even Whovians (Doctor Who Fans) will have a blast listening to his Doctor Who Theme sequences. I would probably have to rate him an 8.4/10.

When I joined this platform, the first person I met was Firebolt391d. That was who I looked up to when I was new, with his amazing sequences ranging from The Wii Sports Theme to Stranger Things themes. He even makes original content which you should check out.
In fact, that would take a long time because he has over 300 sequences! I would probably have to rate him 6.7/10.

LM_Productions: [Unavailable]