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Full Version: It's been a good run.
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For those who didn't figure out the somewhat obvious truth, probably because they did not care and/or suspect anything, HelpMe123(Alt) was my account. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, it was banned. Specifically, I argued too aggressively with a moderator, which led to a serendipitous deletion that solved the issue. I started HelpMe123 because I had never created a creepypasta, and I wanted to try my hand at a self-aware creepypasta/arg. Thus, I acted a lot more snarky, autistic, and/or creepy than I usually did with Frank. For better or for worse, now I can come clean. As I have said before, Bosca Ceoil and Online Sequencer have their pros and cons, and now I will openly use both. If you were one of the people who discovered my identity prematurely, kudos to you. If you have read through this wall of text so far, another kudos to you. I don't have anything to give you though. I have also duplicated all of HelpMe123's songs under my name so they are all in one place. So yeah. It's been a good run. You can claim your kudos and rant about how annoying I am in the comments. Also, I think I will still keep some of the snarkiness, autistic-ness, and/or creepiness because why not. Finally, I still want to be Chara in the AU, though in the past I tried being gaster but you guys replaced me with Glytch, which deeply triggered me. So shame on Glytch.