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Full Version: How to change username?
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Am I not looking at the right place or is there no option (and if so, how come)?
only mods can change their usernames and only Jacob can change other usernames. I think it's so that it's easier to keep track of who is who and it also discourages RPers.
this thread is pretty old but i could suggest a few features in order for name changing to be added:

1. there could be a way of seeing a user's past usernames or an ID or tag system to be added kinda like discord

2. for the RPers, there could also be a cooldown of atleast 1 month after you change your name to of course prevent people from over-using this feature.
There is a reason why you can't change your username.
I can change usernames if someone really needs to.
(04-28-2020, 12:06 PM)Jacob_ Wrote: [ -> ]I can change usernames if someone really needs to.

any subsequent changes after the first name change you gotta pay jacob $50 over paypal